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Welcome to your massage therapy sanctuary at Renew!

Kendra is here to help you relax and support your health + wellness journey to a whole new level with her therapeutic approach + strive to help you improve your life…one unique massage at a time.

Massage Therapy Services


Massage Therapy

  • 60-Minute Customized Massage | $75.00

  • 75-Minute Therapeutic Massage (focus on specific area of pain) | $85.00

  • 90-Minute Customized Massage | $95.00

  • Myofascial Migraine Release | $40.00

*Stand alone service or add-on service*

A revitalizing 30-minute mini session that targets the release of sinus pressure and tension that often forms in the face, jaw, neck and scalp. The use of Himalayan cold stones are applied on the face to eliminate toxins, improve circulation and rejuvenate the face.

  • Neck + Shoulder Restore | $55.00

Relax with a 45-minute mini massage that concentrate’s on the most common areas of tension. A combination of long gliding strokes + acupressure that will relieve tension + restore the body for total stress relief.

Massage Add On's

  • Hot Stones | $10.00

  • CBD (THC Free) Infused Massage | $15.00

  • Celluma LED Therapy | $15.00

*Please see: “How to Prepare for Your Massage Session” + policies/procedures for your best massage therapy experience!

About Kendra


Hello! My name is Kendra Maes, a Licensed Massage Therapist that offers a wide range of massage methods + techniques. I hold a therapeutic approach that is meant to evoke harmony + well-being in every one of my clients. I value open communication, high ethical standards + dedication to providing superior client care. My mission is to not only restore the health of my clients, but to heal + teach my clients a better approach to their own health.

It’s not enough for me to just improve your health, I want to improve your life!

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