Why You Want Happy Hormones (For All Ages) 


When it comes to hormones, what are some of the pictures that come to mind? 

A hormone-raging teenager usually pops up. 

And then a woman fanning herself in the midst of a hot-flash has its moment. 

We also tend to think of the other hormone-inducing times that can put a kink in our lives like the cramp-filled menstrual cycle, or the pickle-eating pregnancy.

And don’t even get us started on the other crazy cravings that can be associated with pregnancy and those up and down hormones coursing through our bodies. 

But, what if we told you that hormones play a much bigger role in our body then unusual cravings and a peaked teenager curiosity of the human anatomy? 

It turns out — as we learn more and more about the endocrine system — hormones can affect everything from weight fluctuations to heart health and that is just the beginning. 

Pretty interesting, right? 

So, if we’re going to talk about hormones, we have to start with the endocrine system and that means school is about to be in session (but don’t worry, this is cool school — no humongous words that mean nothing to you).

Let’s get started…



Endo-what? Endo-who?  

Ahh, the endocrine system — what a specialized group of cells this system is! 

Basically, the endocrine system is made up of a series of glands and those glands are all about producing hormones. You can find these hormone glands throughout your body and each of them has certain duties that help the body stay in balance. 

Hence why when we feel out of whack, our hormones may be the culprit. 

A hormone imbalance can create symptoms that so many people experience, but sometimes don’t think it is related to hormones. 



As we’ve said, hormones play a major role in the body. 

Here’s a simple symptom checker for you to see if the symptoms you’re feeling are potentially hormone related. 

(If you check “yes” to any of these, a conversation with your doctor is a great place to start!)

  • Fatigue

  • Mood Changes: Irritability Anxiety / Nervousness Depression

  • Decreased Mental Ability: Memory Loss Confusion Loss of Focus

  • Hot Flashes / Night Sweats

  • Weight Gain: Bloating Excessive Belly Fat Inability to Lose Weight

  • Decreased Sex Drive: Vaginal Dryness

  • Sleep Problems: Can’t Stay Asleep / Can’t Fall Asleep

  • Cold Hands & Feet / Always Cold

  • Hair loss / Breakage

  • Dry Wrinkled Skin



Great, you’re thinking, these symptoms sound like my everyday life.

Now, what do I do? 

Thankfully, there are new options for happy hormone health and one of them is Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) which is delivered to patients in the form of pellets placed under the skin, with little downtime. 

Why Pellet Therapy? 

One of the biggest benefits of pellet therapy is that the pellets are more natural for your body and have much less negative interactions. The pellets have the same structure as naturally occurring human hormones and are plant-derived and found in nature.

In addition, the pellets are more consistent with dosing because they remain in the body in contrast to other hormone therapies like pills and creams that can create an uncomfortable rollercoaster effect. 

And with pellet therapy, studies are showing improvements in conditions like PMS, low sex drive, depressions, osteoporosis, menopause, anxiety and heart disease. 


Whether you’re in your late 20’s, or just hitting your 60’s, there is help for your hormones and in most cases, it can be just a phone call away!


Make an appointment today to start your happy hormone conversation: Dr. Elijah at Southern Colorado Clinic: 719.553.2201



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