Microblading – Your Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Treatment Guide

Microblading – Your Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Treatment Guide .png

Remember that time when thin eyebrows were in?


Thanks to the 90’s decade and celebrities like Drew Barrymore – thin eyebrows were a fashion statement and tweezers were in high demand.


We’re happy that fad passed, and natural brows are where it’s at now.


But what if you struggle with thinning brows?


Or want a different shape for your eyebrows?



If you haven’t heard the buzz around microblading yet, let us introduce you to this semi-permanent eyebrow treatment.



What is Microblading?


Microblading – also known as permanent or semi-permanent makeup – is an eyebrow treatment that can give you precise shape and color to match your face…without having to tweeze, pluck or prod.


This treatment is done with a tool that beauty magazine, Elle, describes is, “…like a pen with the nib being a sloped blade with 10-12 little needles at the end - needles that don’t penetrate the skin but just delicately scratch the surface, much like a paper cut.”


Don’t worry, semi-permanent microblading is NOT at all like going to the tattoo parlor and getting ink that will stay with you forever.


(Although that is an option if you choose permanent make-up microblading).


Semi-permanent microblading typically lasts for 1-3 years with varying touch-ups needed.



I bet you’re wondering how this even works, right?


Ok, let’s walk through the steps of getting started and a typical microblading session…



Microblading – How to Get Started


You’ve thought about it for a while now + your thinning eyebrows need some major help.


But where do you begin?


First, make sure you find a licensed permanent make-up artist in your area.

Much like you wouldn’t trust fixing your car to just anyone, eyebrow microblading is the same.


It takes a great deal of artistry, technique, and education for make-up artists.

Please do your homework and ask for referrals from your local spa or salon.


Now that you’ve narrowed your search down and have some options for microblading here’s what to expect…



Microblading – Step-by-Step


After you consult with a licensed make-up artist and microblading expert, now it’s time to start the microblading process.



1.    Numb the eyebrow area.

If you’re more sensitive to pain, please let the make-up artist know.


2.    Color match and go over shade together.

Throughout the process you, the client, and the make-up artist will continuously agree upon color, shade, and shape of eyebrows.


3.    After agreeing upon the color, shade and shape of brows the microblading semi-permanent eyebrow treatment will begin and can take around 45-minutes.


4.    Once the treatment is done a client follow-up in 4-6 weeks is scheduled to check-in on the healing process and if you need any additional strokes or pigment change.


5.    You’ve made it this far with your new eyebrows and now it’s time to enjoy them for the next 1-3 years with potential touch-ups needed in between!


6.    Follow after-care instructions like no picking and scratching of the eyebrow area to allow for healing.


7.    Remember your eyebrows may look darker for the first 7-10 days as healing takes place. It’s very normal for your brows to appear darker than they will actually appear over time – be patient and allow space for them to heal.




Wonder what happens if you don’t love your eyebrows or they come out looking like Groucho Marx after the healing period is over?


No worries. Since microblading does not leave scars a saline/salt solution can be used to remove the work that was done on your eyebrows.

In this video esthetician + permanent make-up artist, Stephanie Vigil, expains microblading step-by-step + dispels any myths surrounding this procedure.

To Sum it Up


It’s no longer the ‘90s and thin is definitely not in when it comes to eyebrows.


So, if you’re concerned about the size, shape or fullness of your eyebrows – microblading could be a treatment that is right for you.


Find a licensed permanent/semi-permanent make-up artist in your area whom you feel comfortable with and remember you will be agreeing on color, shade, and shape throughout the microblading treatment.


Your new eyebrows can last from 1-3 years with touch-ups in between.


And remember, even if you absolutely can’t stand your new brows after healing takes place – the semi-permanent microblading treatment can be undone with a salt/saline solution.

In the Pueblo/Southern Colorado area?

Schedule a consultation with Stephanie Vigil (Licensed Esthetician and Permanent Make-Up Artist) from the RENEW Crew – and see what microblading magic you two can conjure up!

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