Adult Acne - Why You're Still Breaking Out & Treatment Options



When you were a teenager do you recall complaining about your hormone-fueled teenage acne and people telling you that once you grow out of puberty – your acne will disappear?

But then it didn’t.

And every year you celebrate a birthday -- in your adult years – you think to yourself (breakouts and all), “Can puberty last into your 30’s?”


We know acne is a broad topic and depending who you ask for the “cure or solution” -- you’re bound to hear a variety of answers.


We definitely don’t want to add to the confusion of why you’re still breaking out now that you’re an adult.

So, we decided to give you a comprehensive view of potential reasons why you’re still breaking out and treatment options.


Let’s get started!



Why Am I Still Breaking Out?



Did someone say hormones? Yes, you’re probably nodding your head thinking, “Yep, that’s the adult acne culprit right there”.

Hormones don’t just stop surging after puberty; they have a way of working their way back into your life – especially if you’re a woman that has a menstrual cycle.

When you are near your menstrual cycle, your levels of estrogen can dip and your testosterone levels become unchecked. Testosterone (an androgen) can increase oil production which in turn leaves you more susceptible to clogged pores and pimples.

Women are more affected by acne than men and part of that reason can be due to hormone fluctuations from birth control. When women get on birth control at a young age and then get off of it a decade or later – your hormones need time to balance out.



Cortisol – a stress hormone – increases when you experience stress. And in a world that is full of hustle and bustle; stress can be found around every corner.

When this stress hormone spikes, it can increase oil production and in turn, cause acne.

If you’re looking for a mysterious culprit to adult acne – dig deeper because stress might be playing a major part in your breakouts.


•  LIFESTYLE (Diet, Environment, Weather)

Dietary changes like reducing or cutting out dairy and refined sugar, as well as choosing grass-fed, hormone free animal proteins can lessen breakouts.

And in some cases, women who move from a rural area to the city can see an acne breakout due to pollution. If you live in the city and spent the day outside – be sure to wash your face once coming inside.

Weather can also add to breakouts. If you live in a dry climate, or travel between extreme climates this can add to lack of moisture retention and oil production. Be sure to maintain a consistent skin regimen and be aware of the upcoming seasons, so you can prepare your skin.  


While there may be other factors to adult acne, this is a good place to start when dissecting what may be the culprit in your breakouts.



Adult Acne Treatment Options


With adults, cell turnover is slower due to age and in turn, the healing of adult skin can take longer than your teenage years.

Pigmentation, sensitivity, and dehydration can complicate acne, as well as redness lasting longer as an adult.

These reasons are why it’s crucial to not only understand how and why you are experiencing breakouts but how to treat them as well.


Here are some treatment options we recommend –



Not only can you get a customized skin care regimen when you work with a licensed aesthetician and/or doctor, but you’ll also have access to more medical grade products (depending on the skin care expert you work with).

And if you're experiencing hormonal imbalances, working with a doctor can help you decipher which course of action for your skin care is best for you. 



If you think your breakouts are due to hormones, supplements like zinc and high-quality omega-3 fish oil may be beneficial. Probiotics have also been known to create a healthy gut biome, which can also support healthy skin.



This light therapy is designed especially for acne and with no side effects or downtime, is a perfect treatment for breakouts.



Medical-grade products like ZO Skin Health can target areas of inflammation – not only for treatment but for prevention as well.

Be sure to work with a physician/medical spa that specializes in ZO Products.


We’re sure you can find tons of adult acne treatment options on the Internet today. However, we do recommend working with a skin care professional that is not just knowledgeable about acne, but also the factors that could play into your breakouts.



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