Acne Deep-Dive + Back-To-School Specials


It’s that back-to-school time of the year and whether you’re about to embark on a new year in high school, college or if you’re a parent that’s getting yourself back into the school routine with little kids — acne tends to be something that is on the minds of many this time of year.

Who doesn’t want to learn and look good doing it?
With our expertise and ZO® Skin Health Products, you can do just that.

This month we take a deep-dive into acne (causes, prevention, maintenance, ZO® products, back-to-school specials etc.) —
…so you can get comfortable in your own SKIN. 

What causes acne?
Genetics, hormones, stress, diet/lifestyle, sleep, exercise, and hygiene or a combination of factors can all add to the source of acne. Add to that mix of factors a poor cleansing and exfoliation routine for your face and you just potentially increased your chances for acne to show up or stay longer.  

Acne Prevention and Treatment: 

  • Healthy Diet + Lifestyle. 
  • Stay Hydrated (water is your BFF). 
  • Essential fatty acids like Omega-3 (salmon, tuna, walnuts, wheat germ, edamame, pinto and kidney beans, spinach, kale, etc). Eating these Omega-3’s are best consumed when raw, baked or broiled due to the low cooking temperature that will help maintain the nutrient density. 
  • Don’t skimp on your sleep! Get in an adequate amount of time every night (7-8 hours minimum). Your present and future self will thank you for it.  
  • Move your body. Let exercise do the dirty work of sweating out those toxins (but don't forget to wash your face after your sweat session). 

Let’s Talk About Stress: 
“The problem is that stress increases the production of hormones that damage collagen and elastin,” Dr. Zein Obagi (founder of ZO® Skin Health) explains. Not to mention when you’re stressed you are more apt to scowl and frown, therefore stress can show up on your face by way of wrinkles, decreased collagen and elastin, acne, inflammation, and rosacea. 

Products We Recommend + August/2017 In-Office Specials
*please call our office (719-553-2201) to schedule a complimentary consultation and/or come see us at the office and take advantage of these specials!*

Acne Prevention + Treatment Kits: $120 (regularly $140)

Akne Bright: $35 (regularly $45)

Cebatrol Pads: $52 (regularly $62)
Back-To-School + Acne Specials: 

  • Signature Peel: $65 (regularly $95)            

*For Teachers*: Eyebrow or lip wax for free with purchase of Signature Peel

  • Purify Facial (for acne): $50 (regularly $65)

*Please Contact Our Partner Renew Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center To Schedule This Special: 719-423-0083*

Back to School With Clear Skin: 
Eat Your Omega-3 Fats:
Stress Reduction Strategies: