ZO Product of the Week | Ossential Daily Power Defense

Ossential® Daily Power Defense

50 mL | 1.7 Fl. Oz. | $150 USD


A lightweight lotion designed to help protect and repair all skin types. A must for everyone.

Daily Power Defense is a Best Seller at SKIN and restores functionality, skin elasticity and improves uneven pigmentation. Daily Power Defense uses DNA repair enzymes to enhance your skin's recovery capabilities. These special enzymes attach directly to your own DNA molecules and repair oxidative damage caused by UV exposure. It works all day with time-release retinol, enzymes and anti-oxidants to repair damaged cells and protect against future damage.


  • Provides antioxidant protection to combat free radical damage
  • Helps tighten and firm the skin
  • Promotes healthy cell regeneration
  • Helps support skin’s natural mechanism to repair damage and protect against future skin damage


Apply to clean skin. Massage 2-3 pumps evenly on face and neck every AM. Always follow with sun protection.

Ossential Daily Power Defense is a core product in Dr. Zein Obagi's skincare management regime and a Best Seller. This product is also part of Dr. Elijah's Men's Skincare line which offers four key products to help Cleanse, Scrub, Stimulate and Protect. Daily Power Defense is the key agent necessary to stimulate the skin.

To learn more about Ossential Daily Power Defense and how it can help you 'get comfortable in your own SKIN', contact Dr. Elijah and the SKIN Team today at TEL 719.553.2201. You can set up an appointment for your own personal SKIN evaluation. 

Get Comfortable in Your Own SKIN

Rochelle Elijah, MD