Story of Healthy Skin and the Power of Vitamin A

What is healthy skin?

According to Dr. Zein Obagi, healthy skin is smooth, firm/tight, even in color, hydrated and strong. Did you know that ordinary heavy creams and moisturizers are damaging to the skin and will ultimately lead to the shutting down of the flow of nutrients necessary to maintain healthy skin? Dr. Obagi understands this process and includes active Vitamin A as a key ingredient in his ZO products which is the essence of life of every cell in the body. When applying ZO to the skin, the Vitamin A sends a powerful message to the inner skin layers and wakes up the cells...the become responsive and active. 

The following 3 minute video features Dr. Obagi and his Story of Healthy Skin. He shares the best way to restore healthy skin and the role that Vitamin A plays in ZO skincare products. 

To help you understand the importance and power of Vitamin A, Dr. Obagi recommends the following article, 'Vitamin A | The Superhero of Skincare' by Rachael Eckel which discusses the use of vitamin A as a topical skincare treatment, including its benefits, how its range of compounds work, and the results that can be achieved.

Vitamin A | The Superhero of Skincare

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