10 Reasons Why A Physical Is So Important



Do you remember growing up and every year before school started you had to go in for that dreaded physical at your doctor’s office?


The one where you’d have to get dressed in that god-awful, paper towel looking gown that ties in the back. Thankfully they make gown’s that are actually made of fabric now – whew.


You may not be a teenager anymore (maybe you have kids that are), but even as an adult getting a physical every year can be scoffed at.

What if we said – even looking silly in that gown – getting a physical is so important. We even have 10 reasons for you to consider why scheduling and going to your physical, yearly, is super imperative.


And did we mention, a physical exam can possibly save your life?


Ok, let’s get to these notable reasons why a physical is so vital:


#1 – Blood Pressure Screening: This measures the force of your blood pushing against your arteries. When blood pressure is too high that is a concern for increased risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney and heart disease as well as some forms of dementia.


#2 – Cholesterol Screening: This measures the amount of cholesterol in your blood. High cholesterol can lead to heart disease, stroke, and peripheral artery disease.


#3 – Blood Glucose Screening: This measures the amount of sugar in your blood and can help identify if you are at risk for diabetes.


#4 – Osteoporosis Screening: This measures for bone density and can help identify if your back pain, loss of height over time, stooped posture and other factors may be due to osteoporosis.


#5 – Update Your Medical Record: You know a lot can change in a day – imagine a year! If you’re getting yearly physicals this is a perfect time to update your doctor on any medication changes, allergies, mental health concerns, lifestyle changes and any new information you’ve discovered about your family history.


#6 – Update Your Vaccination’s: Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean staying current with your vaccines isn’t necessary. You can speak with your doctor about what vaccinations need updating (especially the flu vaccine), as well as any risk factors or concerns you have.


#7 – Cancer Screening: From colon, prostate and lung cancer to breast and skin cancer – screening for these can aid in prevention or detection in the early stages (when treatment is most helpful).


#8 – Body Mass Index (BMI): This calculation can determine a healthy weight and get you on the right track for living a healthy lifestyle of exercise and proper diet.


#9 – Get To Know Your Doctor: Each visit with your doctor, especially your yearly physical, can help you get to know your doctor and allow the doctor to get to know you and your specific health concerns, needs, etc.


#10 – Prevention & Saving Your Money: Probably one of our favorite reasons for a yearly physical is prevention. By spotting health concerns now, you’re setting yourself up for fewer visits to the doctor and a healthier you!


Not to mention, fewer visits to the doctor (because you are so awesome at going to your yearly physical and you’re all about prevention) saves you money – and who wouldn’t love to spend that money on a weekend getaway versus another doctor visit. 



Often times, the fear of finding something out (disease diagnosis) is what prevents many people from actually making an appointment for a physical and showing up for it.


Our thinking is that with knowledge you can make the best decisions for you and your family and be able to participate in playing the game of offense, rather than having to play defense in an emergency room because you didn’t take care of yourself.


Take an active part in your health game now – not later!



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